We, the Kautz5 team, draw on a long-standing network of experts from different areas in our work. These are not just experts, but passionate comrades-in-arms for a common idea: to improve the care situation of patients. Due to their different expertise, we have a broader perspective that enables us to carry out projects holistically and sustainably.

We would therefore like to thank you very much for the inspiring collaboration!

Prof. Dr. Siegbert Rossol (Hepatology, Cost Economics), Dr. Jona Stahmeyer (health insurance and health economics), Raquel Peck, (patient advocacy and global movements), Charles Gore, patient advocacy and global movements), Prof. Dr. Andreas Geier (hepatology and nutrition), Prof. Dr. dr Andreas Teufel (hepatology and digital solutions), Dr. Pamela Aidelsburger (DiGA and health economics), Prof. Dr. Jeff Lazarus (Advocacy, Policy and Public Health), Camilla Radazzo (EU Policy), Dr. Carsten Schwenke (Statistics), Prof. Dr. Christian Krauth (Public Health and Health Economics), Prof. Dr. Andreas Kremer (hepatology and rare diseases), Marcel Böttcher (digital care and prevention), Prof. Dr. Peter Galle (Hepatology and Oncology), Prof. Dr. Jörn Schattenberg (hepatology and global initiatives), Prof. Dr. Ingolf Schiefke (hepatology and health research), Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg (Hepatology and EASL), Prof. Maria Buti (Hepatology and EASL), Prof. Dr. Ali Canbay (Hepatology and Metabolic Medicine), Prof. Dr. Alisan Kahraman (Hepatology and Rare Disease), Prof. Frank Tacke (Hepatology), Prof. Heiner Wedemeyer (Hepatology and Health Policy) Prof. Dr. Hauke ​​Heinzow (Hepatology), Prof. Dr. Tony Bruns (Hepatology), Prof. Dr. Arndt Vogel (hepatology and oncology), Prof. Dr. Jens Marquardt (Hepatology and Oncology), Prof. Dr. Jörg Trojan (Hepatology and Oncology), Prof. Dr. Bruno Sangro (Hepatology and ILCA), Prof. Dr. Mojca Maticic (Hepatology and Health Policy), Prof. Dr. Shira Zelber-Sagi (Nutrition and Public Health), Prof. Dr. Younoussi Zobair (Hepatology and Metabolic Medicine), Ricardo Babtista Leite (Public Health, Unite and Policy)....and many many more! Thanks!

Gender-appropriate language: In principle, this text includes all genders. For better readability, however, only one gender form is used.

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